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I'm lazy as hell. Really lazy. I got a 31 on my ACT, the highest in my grade, but out of the 128 people I graduated with I had the 102 lowest GPA. The only two jobs I've ever gotten in my life were because my parents got them for me. I quit the first one after about six months of working once a week. And the job I have now all I do is sit on my ass and answer phones. In fact right now my cell phone is ringing and I'm too lazy to reach over and answer it. I've been too lazy to actually put the effort into having a real relationship. My freshman year I fell in love with a hockey player (see picture) that I barely knew and that was the most successful relationship I've ever had. I've either cheated on my boyfriends or they've cheated on me, either way, I pick real winners. In fact, I'm so lazy, my computer is at the end of my bed and my tv is right in front of my bed so that in the morning all I have to do is sit up to log online and watch tv. My subs and amps have been sitting in the back of my car for a week now but they're not hooked up because I'm too lazy to take it to a town 20 minutes away to have them hooked up. And that's not even the bad part. I live right by my high school and I was so lazy that I drove to school. It took me longer to walk from my assigned parking spot to the school than it did for me to drive from my driveway to my parking spot. Each year in high school I quit something. My freshman year I quit basketball. My sophmore year I quit track. My junoir year I quit FFA (future farmers of america). And my senior year I quit swimming. So the only thing I did all four years was band, but hey, our marching band won state three times in a row! Ok, so the fact that I'm a member of the Illinois State Marching Band 3 time state champions in itself should give me a very large "lame" vote.

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